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LED’s and It’s Outdoor Usage Advantages

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There are many different types of screens you can choose from, all you need to know is what your requirements are. Need it for gaming, for watching series or just need an Outdoor LED Screen, it is totally up to you what you decide but these options will leave you scratching your head and make you rethink your decision.

An LED Display or Light Emitting Diode Display, is a flat panel display that uses a light emitting diode as the video display. An LED panel can be either a small display or part of a larger display. LED diodes are used in order to make up an LED display.

LED screens are best to use outdoors as it provides a higher contrast in an image. It has its own backlight which makes it easily visible in an outdoor setting or in a bright light. It doesn’t lose the quality of its image no matter what the room setting is, it will provide the same image in a dark room as well as in a brightly lit room. LEDs are also used in billboards and store signs as they are pretty cheap and forms a very thin screen that can be easily fitted in a narrow setting.

buy outdoor led screen in Australia

WHY Other Screens are Not Suitable
Outdoor screens need to work in both day and night, with high or no light they need to produce an image of the same quality. As previous monochrome screens were impossible to see without shinning a light source on it because it was an LCD display with no backlighting.

Screens that have back lights such as conventional LCDs and LEDs are mostly used as outdoor screens as it has a light of some sort behind the panel which shines through the LCD illuminating the image so that you can actually see what’s going on. Even though older CRT monitors or screens didn’t have this issue because they used fluorescent materials that glowed on the screens. LCDs quickly became more popular due to their lower weight and power consumption not to mention their smaller size and eventually higher image quality.

So, Back lights are very important in modern displays, earlier flat panel monitors used backlights called Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps or CCFL. These were basically just tubular bulbs like the ones you find installed in old street signs. But these were very bulky and would make the screen thicker and these weren’t energy efficient either.

You can also use an OLED in place of an Outdoor LED Screen as it is a newer version of your traditional LED screens. OLED stands for Organic Light emitting diode, these have much more pixel accuracy than the LEDs giving you 1:1-pixel ration which means better response time and higher color definition. With this new OLED technology, they are able to make the screen even thinner and flexible. The most significant difference between an LED and an OLED is the color accuracy also the contrast levels, OLED has the ability to shut off individual pixels which means you get a completely black pixel on the screen making it a better choice in an outdoor setting.

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